2 ingredients Nutella Brownies…

This Sunday after I came home from a exhausting day at the Faire, my house smelled delicious and I aske my hubby what it was.
He said I found a recipe for Nutella Brownies… and I had to make it, well NUTELLA.

So here it is:

4 Eggs
1 cup Nutella

Put Parchment paper in a 9″x9″ glass pan.
Pre heat oven to F 350

Beat eggs for 10mins until you the volume quadrupled and its foamy and fluffy.
Then put the nutella in the microwave for 30secs. Then slowly add it to the egg mixture.
fold under until well mixed. put into pan and cook for 30mins. Makes 16 1″ squares wait till cooled before cutting.

And you have yummy gluten free brownies. Now they are more of a fudge texture but oh so good.

Nutrients per serving:
146 calories, fat 9gr, carbs 14gr, protein 3 gr.

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