5 Self-Care things I do

Self-Care is very important and not selfish at all.

I learned that self-care is hard and I had to learn how to. After the toxic friendship, I had inherited depression and anxiety. I am much better than 6 years ago, but this year I had a hard time getting back in the swing of things. But this past week it seems like I am getting out of my slump and starting to be me again. There are things I do to take care of myself. Sadly they are not a constant, but this past month I have been much better about it. So here are five things I do for myself and it’s not going to a spa, or spending tons of money.

Daily routines are important

1. Brushing my teeth, washing my face and moisturize

It may not seem like much, but it is important. When I am in a depression, I tend to not take care of simple things. I am also prone to dental problems, so brushing my teeth is a very important step. When I am stressing my gums tend to get inflamed and for me personally, that is bad. Washing my face and moisturizing. I am 45 now, and I don’t feel like it, so I don’t want to look like it. Somewhere I read, if you moisturize your skin every day, it will even itself out even the oily patches and it is true. My skin is in much better condition now.

Teas have so many properties that are good for you

2. Having a cup of tea

I love having a cup of tea in the evening. One of my favorites is chamomile-lemongrass, it’s the perfect cup before bed. I also am a fan of Lady earl grey. There is something about preparing a cup of loose leaf tea. I have some cute teapots I use and most days use my mug from TWLOHA. I do put creamer in some of my teas, but no sugar. It’s just relaxing. Sometimes, self-care is a cup of coffee during the day, which I am fond of as well. 

3. Take a Nap

Sometimes, I steal away from my busy life and take a nap. I try to get enough sleep every night, and right now that is about 7hrs a night. But some days, I worry to much about my family, my business or other things and then am awake. So on those days, I will take a nap. Cause I am no use to people when I am grumpy, can’t concentrate, or just stare at the monitor and not get work done. So I try to take about an hour nap. I set my alarm, but sometimes, I hit dismiss and sleep a bit longer.

4. Read

I always loved to read, but I have been terrible about reading since I have become a mom. I have read all the Harry Potter books, but I am not reading regularly. Reading lets me escape my every day. Right now I am reading Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. I also love Mercedes Lackey and I am known to enjoy a good Fan Fiction. I have a kindle which makes taking books with me pretty easy. My goal is to read a book a month, so we will see how that goes.

Food is important…

5. Food

Yes food, but not the way you think. I make meal plans and cook. But if I need something extra, I will cook a favorite food that might not be on the plan. Favorites in our family are Lentil Soup, Sweet Potato Curry, those are some go to’s in our family. Also I discovered the RX No BS bars and I love them, they are like a treat for me. But I get all the good stuff in my body.

I hope these help you find your self-care. As you can see these things don’t cost a ton of money and they help you feel better. Self Care is never selfish. It’s the best thing you can do for the people you love. When you take care of yourself, you are your best self and they will have the best you. 

Much love

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