About Us

GeeksWhoLift started in November when my husband and I embarked on our health journey together.

Here are our short Bios:

Claudia is 45, mother of 2 and married to Steven. She fought with her weight all her life. In 2006 she lost 80lb. with the help of a trainer and then became NASM certified personal trainer and worked at Gold’s gym for two years. Sadly since then she had gained 100lb back, due to her struggle with depression and anxiety that was onset by a bad friendship. In 2012 that friendship was ended and Claudia had been working on her mental well being since then. In November 2015 she started working with Gabriel Lagunas from HolyFit in Austin, TX and lost 40lb. in less then 6 month. Then in March she had foot surgery, which is finally healed and as of August 22nd, 2016. The a depression set in and she was on and off again. Now it’s fall of 2018 and she is back on the wagon for good. You can follow Claudia on instagram under the name Swissfit8873

temp_regrann_1471821203319Steven is 48, an awesome Dad of two and married. He was a Cross Country and Long Distance Runner in Track and Field for his high school. He also joined the gym in 2006 with Claudia and has been steadily going. He also started to work with Gabriel in November and has lost, 25lb and put on lots of muscle. He started to Run again in August 2015 and has completed numerous 10K races, 3 half marathons and is now training for his first marathon. You can follow Steven on Instagram as well Texasfit70. He likes to run, watch sci-fi movies, play video games with his kids.