Can dieting have good food? Absolutely!!!

I have been asked a couple of times “How can you stick to a diet? Isnt’ the food boring? Aren’t you tired of eating the same thing all the time?”
My answer is NO, it doesn’t have to be.  So here is the thing. If I would just eat the same food over and over I would not have come this far. I get bored and I do love a challenge. There are two ways you can look at a change in eating habits. You can just take it as it is and complain about what you can’t eat, or you can do what I do and say ” Bring it on, Challenge accepted” and find a way to make favorites to fit into your plan.
These photos are just some examples, we have our fish taco bowl with no tortillas, a juicy burger on a gluten free bun and BBQ pizza with a sweet potato crust and no cheese. These are all very flavorfull dishes and they are within my dietary guidelines. So it is possible. And all of these take less then 45mins to make.
I am a busy mom and business owner and not always have time to make elaborate meals, so my goal is when I come up with a new recipe to make it easy and quick. Some of my recipes can be found on my blog
I will be  adding more as I am finally back into a rhytm and have time to come up with yummy food.
Good luck and Bon Apetit…


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