Convention Prep Part 2… follow up

Well this is less of a prep post then a follow up.

I had prepared my foods and packed them. Now here are some things to consider.

Breakfast casserole was a great idea and it’s still yummy cold. Ice was available at the hotel so no problem in keeping the cooler cool. I also had grilled Chicken. cherry tomatos, apples, measured out protein shakes, I brought my own coffee creamer and almond milk. I also had measured out Cashews and Lentil Chips.
My main foods were Salads in a Jar.

I made a couple of mistakes… first off I did not put the snacks in my back pack, sometimes during the convention things got hectic and I wasn’t able to get back to the room and grab a bite. Also I did not get enough water, even thou I had my water bottle with me.

Also I definitely would pack more chicken.

But other then that I did well, I got a lot of walking done and I didn’t bring much food home. All in all it was a very successful weekend.

This was all the food I packed, pre packed. 
Breakfast was egg casserole with a protein shake
My awesome picture with Jared.

Convention Prep Part 1

I am going to a Supernatural Convention this coming weekend and I don’t wanna eat the hotel food or the fast food surrounding the hotel. I have been working to hard for the past 3 months to not eat better. I probably eat yummier food then anybody else with what I am preparing.

So this will be divided into parts, first part is Meal Planning. Make sure you pick foods that are easy put in a cooler or don’t need refridgeration. Salads in a Jar survive well in a Cooler, I know, it’s a staple when we work at the Renaissance fair and they last till Sunday afternoon easy and you have access to ice at the hotel. I plan for two, cause my daughter is going with me.
Plan meals that are easy and snacks that fit into your con bag, and if you don’t have a con bag your should check out SewGeekAustin’s Messenger Bags, they are perfect. So Protein Bars, nuts, fruits like Apples, Oranges, Cuties are great.
I have a lot of protein that I eat each day, so I am packing my Shaker and Protein Powder, now you can pre measure in separate baggies to save on space.
I know some of you are flying in. But you can definitely bring those snack onto the plane in your carry on. And a lot of hotels have small kiosks where you are able to buy fruits, or you can walk to a gas station nearby and get some there.
I also bring my water bottle as most hotels nowadays have water fountains and you don’t have to pay for bottled water.

Lunch – Salad in a Jar
Dinner – Turkey Patty Lettuce wrap with Veggies and Hummus
Snacks – fruit, protein Bar and Protein Shake, also veggies are on hand

Breakfast – either a egg bake in loaf form, or egg and turkey filled Vegan Biscuits. (Not sure yet)
Lunch – Salad in a Jar
Dinner – this might be a going out, but not sure, if not I will have another Lettuce wrap with lunch meat
Snacks – fruit, protein Bar and Protein Shake, veggies

Breakfast – either a egg bake in loaf form, or egg and turkey filled Vegan Biscuits. (Not sure yet)

Lunch – Lettuce wrap
Dinner – Chili at home 😀
Snacks – fruit, protein Bar and Protein Shake, veggies
These are all easy things to make a head and that way I know what I am eating, how many calories are in there, the macros will fit mine. 
If you plan ahead you can have a successful con weekend too and you need to eat well and right so you don’t get sick after. I will also have Emergen C on hand.