Sunday Breakfast Fritatta…

I love cooking and I love breakfast, so finding yummy healthy breakfast foods is always a plus. I found this recipe years ago when I lost weight the first time. Yeah, I’ve done the yo yo thing.

This is a family favorite at my house and it also great if you serve it at a brunch…

Fritatta Recipe:
8lg eggs (you can do this with egg whites)
2 ripe tomatoes
1/2 cup of Italian Cheese grated
fresh basil, salt & pepper to taste
1tbsp Avocado Oil
1tbsp of milk

Heat the Avocado oil in a frying pan that can go in the oven.
Crack the eggs, season with salt & pepper, mix in the milk and whisk. Slice the tomatoes and basil leaves.
Pour in half of the egg mix into the pan and then layer the tomatoes, basil and cheese, pour the rest of the eggs on top. Then turn on the broiler and put you pan in. A little higher than the middle rack. Leave it for 7mins. Take it out and slice it.

1/4 Fritatta Nutrition:
230 Calories, 17.1gr of fat, 5.5gr. sat fat, 3.7gr carbs, 16.7gr of protein.

On the side I served a bowl of berries, drizzled with raw honey and a dollop of Greek yogurt.

Bon Apetit