Fake Fried Rice…

This is now a comfort food … 

Serves 1
1 whole egg
3 egg whites
1.5 cups of Frozen stir fry veggies. (this is what I had, you can do fresh)
1/2 cup of cooked Quinoa
1tsp of coconut oil
2tsp Amino Liquids
Use a non stick pan and heat the coconut oil. Wisk the egg and egg whites together and add 1 tsp of the amino liquids. Add to the pan. Do not touch, this is important, you wanna make like an omelet, when you can see that there is little liquid left fold the omelet over on the 3rds. You get like a sausage looking thing. Put omelet on cutting board. Now put Quinoa and veggies into the same pan and add the rest of the Amino Liquids. Let that cook for a couple of minutes to defrost and cook the veggies. Cut the omelet into strips. And put half of it at the bottom of the bowl. Then put the rest in with the veggies, cook for another minute and serve.
418 Calories, 13g fat, 47gr. Carbs, 31g Protein