Day 3 is the worst to keep going…

It’s day 3 of my Journey that seems to be ongoing forever now. But here I am. I woke up this morning with legs so sore, I could barely walk. I even took a hot bath last night and that apparently didn’t help much. But I digress.
So here I was day 3, hurting. In the past I would make it to day 3 and then stop working out, cause I was to sore, and I made excuses, that I would go back the next day and then just never did.
Well NOT TODAY, I went to the gym and I workout. I even got on the Elliptical for my warm up and Lo and behold I didn’t die. Actually my legs felt better after I got off it. I did most of the workout my trainer gave me, but this time I was proud to actually almost do all the exercises. I didn’t feel like a failure, cause I looked on the bright side. I beat DAY 3. I went to the gym and worked out instead of sitting at home.
Then I got home and made a delicious protein smoothie. I am going gluten and Dairy free. There will be challenges. I bought the recommended Protein powder, but it came in Vanilla instead of Chocolate. I will remedy that later today. The vanilla was good and I will post the recipe today.

The best part of my workout was, when on the elliptical, I actually was lipsynching to the Supernatural Parody of “Shake it off” and I had a blast doing it. Music is so important for me to workout, it sets my Rhythm.

I am ok with this….