Week 3, day 3, I hate Wednesdays…

Yup there I said it, I officially hat Wednesdays. Well the mornings at least. Cause in the Evening there is Supernatural.

I woke up at 5:20 and got up went to the bathroom and got on the scale like I do every morning. Some say I shouldn’t, but this is me. This is how I do things.
So the scale showed 275.6 and I was like WTF? I gained 1.2lb since the day before? I was so mad and upset. I went back to bed. Then my voice of reason aka my husband came in and talked to me. He assured me I do the right thing. My body is changing, it’s making adjustments for this new lifestyle. I should be proud of my accomplishments. (I did measurements on Monday and lost a total of 7.6″ and dropped 3.3% of body fat), that I have been working out for 2.5 weeks straight, going from not doing anything at all. So he put a bright spin on things. But I still hate Wednesdays. LOL

So I did get up made breakfast and got myself to the gym. I managed to almost get the whole workout done with all the reps, but then in the last two sets, my hamstrings where like “Are you f*ing kidding me?” And gave me a big Fat

So I am proud that I did get to the gym, I worked out and I burned calories, but the scale is still an assbutt. 
But the victory came later when I put on my hoodie that I had not zipped in a year. And it zipped up. It’s still a bit tight, but it Zipped. 
So #alwayskeepfighting, my story is not over yet. <3