4 weeks post op and the struggle is still real…

as you know 4 weeks ago I had surgery to remove a bones spur on top of my foot, it had been agitating me for 4 years. Well we are 4 weeks in and I haven’t not made it back to the gym as my foot keeps swelling.  As you can see in the picture, that was Friday (sorry for the terrible pedicure, but Ihaven’t been able to go). I am trying to elevate as much as I can, but I have work that has to be done and with a store opening soon, this is really putting a damper on things.

My food is ok, I haven’t been logging which I am changing today and I am trying to be better at my water intake. I have neglected that as well. My weight is fluctuating between 246 and 243, after this weekend (I had a convention, brought most of my food, but made decent choices) I have to get back to it. I hate not being able to do what I want/need to do for work and my body. I am trying to stay positive and but I can slowly feel the depression creeping up and I don’t want that. 
Also Today, 4 years ago I decided to end a 4 yrs friendship with a woman that abused, my good nature and took bits an pieces of me. It has been a very long road to build myself up again. But I am getting there. I have a pretty successful business, I am about to open a store with an amazing business partner and go on a new adventure. 
This weightloss Journey has done wonders for me, my self confidence has become stronger, (work in progress) I actually like some pictures of me, like this one. It was taken at the Renaissance Fair with my husband and I don’t look like a beached whale.
I still have a long ways to go, but Rome wasn’t build in one day and trying to find what was lost is taking a while, but it’s getting better, I have more days that are bright and filled with laughter, then the dark grey ones. And that is the goal. I know I live with the depression and the anxiety (both caused by the stress of aformentioned friendship) but I can manage it and live with it. Also this healthy lifestyle has contributed to the healing and the process. So me not being able to work out and blow off some steam is putting a damper on, but this time I know I can do it. I have an amazing support netwok and cheerleaders in my camp. And that is what counts. 
So please #alwayskeepfighting cause you story is not over yet… 
Much love,

Recover from Bone Spur Surgery

I had a bone spur in my ankle removed about a week ago. So far so good. Today I was able to put weight on that foot without pain.

I am going to my follow up Tomorrow. And I have no idea what my recover time is, what restrictions are and what not.
But there are things I know…

Before I went into surgery I made my meal plan and I went grocery shopping. I picked meals that were easy to cook for my husband and my Teenage Daughter. Also this time I really did rest and I am drinking lots of water.
I had gall bladder surgery 5yrs ago and my recover was ok, but not great due to me being me and trying to do to much to fast. (it might have also had something to do with the fact that my former Narcisistic best friend, guilted me into doing stuff to soon, but I digress)
My husband has been great, he reminds me to take it easy and slow, that might just be cause he wants me to be able to take care of him when he has his hernia surgery next week. Yeah my family does everything at once, you could think we get a discount.

But back to my plan.
My goal is to not gain weight this month as I am not able to workout as I would like. So food is Key. I have been doing ok, I haven’t logged, but not being able to go anywhere and not having junk food in the house makes that kind of sort of easy. I have broken my no eating starches after 3pm rule a few times this week, but hey, I just had surgery. LOL
I am almost off the pain pills. Instead of 2 I take on and I am down to taking one in the am and one in the pm. So far so good.
I have been drinking lots of water and this morning I got on the scale I was 244.8lb. which is exactly what I weighed the morning of the surgery. So it can only go down from here.

The reason I know this is going to work this time ( I quit the gym and caring after the gall bladder surgery) is I have backup. My husband is my biggest support. My trainer has been messaging me every day since the surgery and has been so encouraging. My kids cause they eat what I had planned and have no complaints, I think that is my biggest achievement as a cook, my kids love my food, they are not picky eaters and they eat healhty. Yes my son does eat at the cafeteria, but instead of a burger he picks the salad and fruit each day and my daughter usually takes leftovers. My husband makes his lunch salad every evening. We are in this together as a family.
So getting back to the gym should be easy. I plan as soon as I am allowed to do upper body.

So here is to a healthy future.

~ Claudia

Hitting a Rough Spot?

So I am 4 months into my fitness/weight loss Journey.

I am down almost 40lb. since August of 2015 and I do feel great. But this week has been rough.

I am fighting a bout with depression and some health issues, I made it to the gym yesterday and I am going walking today. Tomorrow the gym will be in the afternoon and I am going Saturday as well.

But here is what is bumming me out. I have a bone spur in my foot right in my ankle joint and it f*ing hurts. I had cortisone shots, but yesterday the decision was made to get it surgically removed. So surgery is scheduled for the 24th of March. Which gives me 4 more weeks to work out and loose more weight.  The bad thing is I am going to be in a boot for 4 weeks 🙁 Which bums me out, here is why…

In 2008 I had my nasal septum straightened, due to doing a faceplant when I was 5 and not being able to breathe. It was a real struggle to get back into the gym then. In 2011 I had my gall bladder removed, I had already gained some weight back by then, but that surgery and the stress of the friendship that started to crumble did me in, I quit working out and eating healthy and ended up 100lb. heavier then I was in 2007.

So now you can see where my dilemma is and what demons I am fighting. But I can’t stress how important it is to find support. I am very lucky to have a wonderful husband and 2 teenagers I can count on. They have my back and I am very blessed. I also have my friends and I build a wonderful online community for supporting each other in our Journeys.

I know you can do this on your own, but when it gets tough, it’s easier to have someone that tells you they believe in you. Or that will cook a dinner so you don’t go out and eat all the crap in the world. If you can’t find someone, got check out my Facebook page “Geeks Who Lift” and message me. I got your back. It’s just important to have support.

Thank you all that are supporting me and telling me already that I can do this, cause this time, I know what traps are laid out for me and I don’t have the Toxicity that was that relation ship in my life anymore.