The Scale is not always you best bet…

So I have been thinking a bit today… I know that is dangerous, but I have seen so many things online and I have been approached on Instagram a couple of times now to become a Beachbody Coach, or a rep for this or a rep for that.

I don’t have any interest in that. I believe in my own success, because of my wonderful Trainer Gabriel from Holyfit in Austin. My great clean nutrition, which I believe is at least 80% of you success in your journey to a healthier you and of course the support of my friends and family.

Everybody is different, my metabolism is different from everybody else, so cookie cutter training and nutrition is not going to cut it. It took me just about 3 months to actually get to where I can drink 12 glasses of water a day. I eat between 1200-1500 calories a day, I try to hit my Macros, but I am still working on that. I don’t eat complex carbs ( fruits, pasta, grains) after 3pm. I don’t eat gluten or dairy. I kind of call myself a Carnivorous Vegan, yeah I know it’s an Oxymoron, but it’s pretty much what it is.
Also I work out a minimum of 5 days a week for at least 60mins. Actually this Monday I started to add 20mins of cardio after my workouts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. My goal is to burn 500 minimum with each workout.

Just a little reminder, one lb. of fat has 3500 calories so if I wanna loose 2lb a week, I need to have a deficit of 7000calories each week. Which makes it 1000 calories a day. Sometimes I hit that sometimes I don’t, but the scale is not my enemy anymore. Yes I am down 23lb. Since November 1st.  But that is not what I measure my success on. My bodyfat went from 41.6% down to 35.9%. I lost almost 18″ all over (45cm) and 6″ of those are around my Umbilicus (belly button) alone. I am also down TWO pant sizes and XL T-Shirts fit comfortably again.

So yes the pounds on the scale are dwindling, but it’s not just that what makes my Journey.

So I really say take pictures, measure yourself and you be surprised…

And by the way a lb. of FAT weighs the same as a lb. of MUSCLE *WINK

Week 3, day 3, I hate Wednesdays…

Yup there I said it, I officially hat Wednesdays. Well the mornings at least. Cause in the Evening there is Supernatural.

I woke up at 5:20 and got up went to the bathroom and got on the scale like I do every morning. Some say I shouldn’t, but this is me. This is how I do things.
So the scale showed 275.6 and I was like WTF? I gained 1.2lb since the day before? I was so mad and upset. I went back to bed. Then my voice of reason aka my husband came in and talked to me. He assured me I do the right thing. My body is changing, it’s making adjustments for this new lifestyle. I should be proud of my accomplishments. (I did measurements on Monday and lost a total of 7.6″ and dropped 3.3% of body fat), that I have been working out for 2.5 weeks straight, going from not doing anything at all. So he put a bright spin on things. But I still hate Wednesdays. LOL

So I did get up made breakfast and got myself to the gym. I managed to almost get the whole workout done with all the reps, but then in the last two sets, my hamstrings where like “Are you f*ing kidding me?” And gave me a big Fat

So I am proud that I did get to the gym, I worked out and I burned calories, but the scale is still an assbutt. 
But the victory came later when I put on my hoodie that I had not zipped in a year. And it zipped up. It’s still a bit tight, but it Zipped. 
So #alwayskeepfighting, my story is not over yet. <3