What are whole foods?

I read a lot of blogs and Fitness instagram accounts and one thing that I have come across is that people say: ” I eat whole foods” to a picture of sliced almonds with Greek Yogurt and some fruit.

I tend to think that I eat a healthy diet with lots of whole foods, but I would never call it a whole foods diet. And when I say diet, I mean my daily foods. I am not on a diet. Yes I do count my calories and log my foods, but if I go over one day, it’s not the end. I try to eat very little processed foods. I do eat protein bars that a made from whole foods as I don’t eat Whey or soy products.

But here is my take on “Whole” foods, as the word says the foods should be Whole as in not cut up, unprocessed or as little as possible.
So Yogurt as healthy as it may be is not a whole food in my book, I know others may disagree, it is a healhty food, even thou I now believe that going dairy free is healthier, but to each their own. Greek Yogurt is also processed, as it is made from Milk. So there goes the Whole out the window. You say well then all foods are processed and yes you are right.
So technically there is no such thing as a whole Foods diet.

If you want to eat healthy, try to purchase as much produce as possible, pick lean proteins like chicken, turkey, fish. This here is probably one of the few foods that I get processed, and it’s Egg Whites, I don’t want to waste so many egg yolks as I made a casserole every Sunday with 18 whites. So I do buy the carton, I also buy gluten free pasta, brown rice, lettuce in the clam shell, these are all good foods but they are processed.

So when someone says they are eating a Whole Foods diet I kind of giggle.

So make good Choices and eat healthy.