Chocolate Protein Pancakes…

Makes 20 Pancakes:

12 eggwhites (I used Real Eggwhites in the carton and they didn’t get stiff) Beat till foamy stiff
1 cup oatmeal ground to flour in a blender (I used my bullet blender)
1/2 Cup non dairy plain yogurt
1/4 cup brown rice flour
2 scoops of Warrior Blend Protein Powder Chocolate Flavor ( you can use any protein powder but it will change the nurtients)
1tsp Baking Powder

Mix everything except the eggs in a bowl, then beat the egg whites till almost stiff. Add the eggwhites and fold them under. Then let sit for a couple of minute. Heat the griddle and cook them like regular pancakes.

Enjoy them with some plain dairy free yogurt and raw honey.

Nutrition per pancake:
51 Calories, 1g fat, 6g carbs, 5g protein

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