Fall (ing)

Fall – Autumn

I am one of these people that love fall. I grew up in Switzerland, we had four seasons and Fall was always one of my favorites. When the leaves turn color and you get to take your favorite jacket out of the closet. Maybe even put on a knitted hat.

I fell really hard this year, not physically, but mentally. I hit a wall and did not recover until now. Oh on the outside everything was hunky dory, but on the inside, I was sad, sad for what I lost, sad the world, sad for what is going on in the US.


And then about 2 weeks ago I noticed a change. I don’t know what it was, but it was there. I bought myself a Happy Planner and started to plan out my days the night before. I also noticed that I was more productive and I seemed to be happier. I fell in love with my Happy Planner, I thought that all the hype was crazy, but now that I am in a month, I love it. The planner is what I need to keep on track. Obviously not every day, there are still bad and dark days. But they are fewer.

Then a week ago, I rearranged my office/workshop and I have been so excited in the morning to go in there and get stuff done. I already have a lot of my Christmas line ready to launch soon.

And that brings us to today. I got a mini planner, that is just for me. For my Journey that I am taking. It seems that fall is a new beginning for me, that I let go of stuff that doesn’t matter. I concentrate on things that matter to me. My family, my husband, my friends.

The plan

I am nursing a knee and elbow injury, so full-blown workouts are not working for me yet. So I decided to workout three times a week. And I ordered Resistance Bands so that I can workout at home. I also can take them with me when I am traveling.

I took the mini planner and wrote out my workouts and I am already meal planning, I just have to get a lot stricter with sticking to it. Also, I use a service called Curbside which has helped with my budget and not buying bad foods.

So here is to Fall (ing)