What are you Thankful for? As I am sitting here in my office, needing to work on things for my shop. I got to think. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and we are celebrating as well. Thanksgiving for me means it’s the beginning of the end of the year. I am mostly done with my Christmas shopping, I have a few things I have to get. I am even going to manage to get my families package in time to the post office for overseas.

So what am I thankful for this year? I am still here. This year has not been easy. I am still trying to cope that my daughter turned 18, graduated from High School. She is still at home, but she goes to school full time and works part-time. She also has a car and is making car payments. So she is busy and very independent. I don’t even want to think about her leaving in two years. But I have come to understand that this is the underlying cause of my depression this year.

I am so proud of her accomplishments and that she is getting the best education right now, learning life. So I am thankful that we are able and willing to help her.

My son, is 15 a sophomore on High School. He is in Theater and enjoys the behind the scenes stuff immensely. His face lights up when he talks about it. He too is very independent and so mature, he decided if he doesn’t get into a college with scholarships, he will do the same his big sister is doing. He is also on track to get his Letterman Jacket at the end of His Junior Year.

My husband is my Rock. He is always there for me no matter what. Yeah, we do have our spats, but mostly they are about little things. I’ve noticed we both have become a little more irritable over the years. He still enjoys running and will participate in his first Marathon in January I believe.

Thankful and more

My year has been odd to say the least. I am fighting so hard to get my small business to where it used to be in 2016, but it has been a struggle as my niche is getting a bit overrun. Things I made in 2012 are now everywhere. And my fandom has grown so much, that everyone tried to dip in. So I am working on coming up with a new strategy for 2019 and it is sometimes so disheartening. But I am here and I will #alwayskeep fighting.

So the struggles, this year, may not seem like much, but they were real for me. I didn’t care enough about myself. It feels like every time, I get on the wagon I fall right off.

What is the Solution?

I am giving myself till Monday, I am organizing the house, my office, and little things so that I can concentrate on myself. The depression doesn’t care much for housework, but I am going to give it a nice F*U and will make an appt with myself to workout every day for 30mins. Setting my alarm for an early time will ensure that I can do so. Turning 45 this year might have had something to do with it as well, but Here I am, fighting. I am uncomfortable in my own skin.

What’s next to be Thankful for?

I discovered a little show called “Outlander” and the main actor Sam Heughan, has a charity called My Peak Challenge, and I am determined to do this year. Being able to participate is what I am thankful for.

I am also thankful I discovered my love for knitting again. Patterns are swirling in my head and need to be written out and shared. Sewing is still a passion and so I will be making purses with my own vinyl designs, as I made some good connections during some networking events.

Being thankful this year is not hard at all. I am thankful we are here because Tomorrow needs us.

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