So it has been 2 months since had my surgery.  I had ups and downs, I have been trying to workout for a while now, but to no avail.  I also had quite a bit of stuff happening in my life. I opened a store with my business partner and we make custom apparel and stay tuned there will be some fitness gear with it as well.

I am excited to design some workout tanks for Geeks. 😀

School is also out now, which means I can now get my schedule back on track. As of today, my husband and I did some meal prep. I made a breakfast casserole and I am making overnight apple cinnamon oatmeal and I will post the recipe for both of them later here on this blog.

As of tomorrow I am back at the gym and I have got get going again on this, as I really wanna loose the rest of this weight and put this surgery behind me.

Wish me luck. <3


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