Wednesday… Kick it in the ass

So today is Wednesday as you probably gathered from the title of this.
I woke up a bit grumpy and then realized it’s Wednesday, I felt tired this morning, I didn’t wanna go to the gym. I think Wednesday also known as day 3, 10, 17 etc. is the hardest day for people to find motivation to go to the gym. Why is that?
Well you did a hard workout on Monday and Tuesday and by Wednesday you body yells at you WTF? Stop!!! Leave me alone!!! But don’t listen to it. You are in this for the long haul. You are kicking it in the ass.
I actually went to work ( I print T-shirts among other things) and as I pulled up, my trainer calls me and told me that I can do this. That I can kick Wednesday in the ass. I had also weighed this morning and was up a lb. It’s ok, I looked at it and decided not to sweat it. (pun intended) Cause it’s a number on the scale and not how I feel. So after the pep talk I got, I felt better about Wednesday. It was a good thing I tweeted, that is why he called me.
So I finished work and then went to the gym. I did the whole workout (wasn’t able to do it last week) and I felt good. When I was looking in the mirror, I saw a strong women getting stronger. I was able to see myself for the first time in a very long time and I smiled. My arms feel like pudding and I swear I will have the best triceps ever. But I smiled, cause I liked the person I saw in the mirror. Not what she looked like, but what she represented. And that has been a very long time since that happened.
I am looking at my Gym time as some Therapy as well. I get to dwell on things and think about things and then just let them go with every drop of sweat that is leaving and it feels great.

SO, for all you Wendesday People, GO KICK IT IN THE ASS 🙂

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