Week 6 started with a bang…

I started week 6 yesterday and boy did I start it with bang…

I broke my pinky finger on my right hand. Just a word of advise, don’t try to be all Ninja when your weight slips on the rack. It is a stupid move and landed me at the Doctor’s office. At first they thought it was just badly bruised, but then x-rays showed that I litterally broke the tip of my finger. *sigh, that means I am in a splint for the next 4, yes you read that right FOUR weeks.

My proud moment is, that this happened half way thru the workout, but guess what? I finished that suckers.

Also I found pictures on my phone that we took in August when I weighed in at 285lb. and I took pictures Yesterday at 266lb. I can see a small difference, but people tell me there is a pretty big difference. I don’t know you decide, the top is from Yesterday and the bottom is August.

I am also greatful that my Trainer Gabriel from HOLYFIT in Austin has my back, when he found out about my finger, he said we will modify the workouts so that I can still train, cause guess what doing Cardio for 4 weeks is not happening. 
Now comes the part that messes with my head, so I have done so well for 5 weeks and then this happens. First I feel stupid that it happened, second, how can a 12lb. weight fucking break your finger? and 3rd why? 
Also today was weird, I went to the gym and did cardio, then came home and cooked and took 2 Ibuprofen, casue I was in pain, it knocked me out, I took a nap till 1pm. So I haven;t taken any more since I do have work to do, but that didn’t happen much cause I was in pain. I really hope tomorrow will be better. I did get some stuff put a way in the house, but that was pretty much it. *sigh
But I came up with a pretty yummy eggplant recipe which I will share with you tomorrow.

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